…let me show you how.


You’re probably pretty fed up with trying to do this thing alone.

You’re probably even feeling a little lonely because you’ve outgrown everyone and everything around you.

 Sound familiar?

This is a sign that you’re poised for your next level of growth and while that can feel SO uncomfortable…it really is a time to get excited.

 Perhaps right now you’re in uncharted territory…you’ve been able to take things THIS far….and now you’re not sure about where to go from here. Maybe you’re just fed up with trying to figure this out on your own.

I totally understand…this is why I created the Inner Circle.

I also created it because very few coaches employ an actual strategy for the growth of their coaching businesses…often they’re pulling together bits and pieces of information they’ve picked up here and there without an over-arching strategy and with very little success.

The difference between coaches who fail to grow thriving and successful coaching businesses and those who succeed comes down to the strategy they employ for the growth of their businesses….

these coaches take the success of their coaching businesses seriously

…they’re not dabbling

….they KNOW what’s truly possible for them and they get busy making that happen in a very smart and strategic way.



Are you stuck? Stay stuck long enough and things start to slide backwards fast, if they haven’t already started to. Right now, it’s important to make this stuck situation work FOR you. It’s important to leverage this call for growth and expansion and use it to propel you forward. Otherwise, you WILL end up in a ditch if you aren’t there already. I’ve been mentoring coaches long enough to see this play out countless times….like clockwork.

It’s never easy or comfortable to take a leap into the unknown ESPECIALLY if you’ve felt yourself slipping, it’s natural to want to contract when things become tight I know, but I’m going to ask you to expand rather than contract because it’s really the only way to go. 

In a nutshell, right now you have 2 choices:


  1. Slide backwards. 




  1. Take a quantum leap forward and set yourself on a path for next level success in your coaching business.

It really is time to set a new standard for yourself and your coaching business and achieve a new level. Doncha think??

Right now we have a global market at our feet….we can work from our laptops, coaching clients from anywhere in the world with clients from all over the world.

My coaching business provides me with a life I didn’t know was possible…I’ve travelled the world, published a number of books, spoken on stage around the world and live a life of total freedom…working probably 1/4 of the hours the average person works…isn’t that what YOU want too?

So….let me tell you about 

The Secret Coaches Business Inner Circle.

I’ve designed this high-level group program specifically for coaches in a way that allows me to help support and guide you and to also provide a peer group on the same level as you so you feel part of something bigger…you need a community of like-minded and elevated thinkers who totally get you AND who will also support you (as you support them) so you don’t feel so fricken isolated and lonely in this journey any longer.


Who I’ve Designed This Program For…





You’re motivated, resourceful and know how to hustle.


You’re 100% committed to next level success and prepared to roll up your sleeves, get uncomfortable and do whatever it takes to create the results you want FAST.


You understand that levelling up is not a matter of copying what I do but instead letting me guide you to finding what is perfectly aligned for YOU.


You know that while I’m going to share my expertise, wisdom, what works for me and everything in between I’m going to expect you to draw on your own insight and the deep knowledge you’re probably taking for granted right now.


You want honesty and can handle the odd dose of tough love because you know this the quickest, simplest way to get from A to Z.





You have to be ALL IN with your business so if your business is a hobby or you’re kinda sorta dabbling in this thing you won’t do the work required or be as committed as you need to be to get a result. The people I work best with NEED their businesses to succeed at the highest level possible.


You’re looking for someone to hold your hand and spell out what to do every step of the way. I work best with big thinkers and doers who need help with high-level strategy but know how to lean into their own inner wisdom to take care of the detail.


You’re addicted to excuses and blaming others for where you’re at. It’s important for me to work with coaches who take responsibility for their mistakes as well as their successes.


This program will provide you with the strategy…the “how to”  you’ve been lacking.


It will help you to become a more CONFIDENT & IMPACTFUL coach who knows how to get results for their clients & a more PROFITABLE one.


As a coaching business strategist and coach who’s been coaching almost 30 years (self-employed the entire time) I bring PRACTICAL strategies that work.


I use a combination of old school strategies that still work today (if only people would USE them) along with the latest strategies that are getting results right now….I’ve stayed in the game as long as I have because I’ve kept myself on top of the latest, cutting edge strategies that are working right now and I’ve never stopped learning….and neither should you.


I’ve done all of the testing and measuring and uncovered what works before I bring you the monthly growth strategy…I break it down to it’s simplest, most practical formula and show you how to implement  simply and without overwhelm.

Here’s What’s Included

1 New High-Level Pre-Recorded Strategy Bundles Every Month

Fortnightly Live Group Coaching Calls

Inner Circle Content Dashboard

Access To My Online Resource Centre

Private Inner Circle Members Only Facebook Group

Behind The Scenes – What’s Working For Me Right Now & What Isn’t

Exclusive Member Discounts On Other Programs

Here Are Some Upcoming Strategy Bundles

“Go To” Strategies For Bringing In Cash Fast

How To Launch A Facebook Group That Makes Money

How To Create Content That Makes You Money

Mastering Your Sales Process

How To Build Your Lead Magnet & Get It Up and Running

How To Finetune Your Coaching Process To Deliver Better Client Results

How To Create Predictable Income With Recurring Revenue Streams

How To Become An Author On Amazon

What You’ll Find Waiting For You Inside

To ensure everyone has a rock solid foundation on which to build I’ve created a special FOUNDATIONS Masterclass for you to dive into right away, this way I’ll be sure that you’re all set to begin implementing the strategies I’ll be sharing with you each month.

Your first Strategy Bundle “How To Launch A Facebook Group That Makes Money” is also waiting for you to dive into.

You’ll find the link to the Facebook Community provided for this program so you can make your way there right away.

You’ll have access To My Online Resource Centre where I share with you the tools I use in my business most days.

Private Mastermind Members Only Facebook Group

You will find all of this via the main program dashboard once you recieve your login details.

Why You Don’t Want To Miss The Introductory Pricing…. 


I’ve gone out of my way to make this a no brainer HELL YES offer or you so you don’t procrastinate and just say YES because I know that once you’re in you’ll never want to leave.


Right now your first month is only $27 USD and then every month after that the cost is $97 USD billed on the same day every month….this price WILL go up BUT lock in the INTRODUCTORY RATE now and you’ll never pay more than $97 p/m.


NOT FOR YOU after the first month? No problem, you can cancel at any time with the click of a button.

You won’t want to miss….


There are two zoom LIVE Coaching Calls every month, these are held during the first and third weeks of the month with timezones to suit everyone.

These calls are your opportunity to get some live coaching, ask questions or simply listen in and learn.

If you can’t make any of the calls you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of the calls so I can answer your questions on the call for you to listen to when you’re ready to.


All of the action will take place inside the group and this is where you’ll be able to hang out with fellow coaches on the same success path as you.

I’ll often drop in on the fly with bonus Livestream Content to keep you moving along and inspired.

If you are part of my Secret Coaches Business FB Group you’ll know I’ve created an amazing free community where I share a lot of information…think that group is good? This group is a whole other level of awesome.


I’ll be popping into the group regularly to answer questions, give support and offer feedback.

While I won’t be coaching you privately, this is the next best thing 🙂

Often getting unstuck is as simple as reaching out so I can help you get back on track…you can do that here.

Plus, These Member’s Only Bonuses & Perks..


Every month I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business and sharing what’s going on, warts and all.

I’ll be sharing what’s working in my business and what isn’t.

I’ll be sharing the projects I’m currently working on how they’re progressing.

I’ll also be lettting you how I’m balancing my work and training and sharing any tips I think can help you do the same.


My private strategy sessions are usually $1497 USD, you will have the opportunity to purchase single sessions for the discounted price of $497.00 USD

Sometimes we just need some one-on-one time to help us get clarity on our next big step, these sessions are designed to help you do just that.

Once inside the membership dashboard you’ll be able to access this offer immediately.


Whenever I launch my Retreats, Events or Mastermind Programs with limited numbers you’ll be the first to know and have the opportunity to snag a spot before I open them to the public.

You’ll also recieve significant discounts or bonuses on these programs that are not available anywhere else.

I love to reward my paid community in this way 🙂


I'm just getting this membership suitable for newbie coaches?

YES! In fact the earlier I can get my hands on your the better!

Why struggle any longer than you need to when you can sign up and get the information you need to create success now?

Am I going to have to spend a lot of time pouring through content modules?

No you’re not..the reason for that is because I know you’re probably a little over online content right now.

I’m guessing you’ve probably already done quite a bit of learning…learning isn’t your issue…implementing is and implementation is where the results are.

How do I cancel my membership if it's not for me or I have a tough month?

Inside the member dasbhoard is a big ole button that says “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP” and you can click that bad boy anytime you need to.

That said…the aim of this program is for you to make tough months a thing of the past.

What if I can't make the live it still worth joining?

Yep, it is..because there are many ways for you to get the support and guidence you need.

You can post your questions ahead of time so I can answer it for you on the call and you can watch it back later.

I’ll be in the group livestreaming often so there’s a good chance you’ll catch me live and you can use these as an opportunity to get live support.

You can also tag me anytime to draw attention to your questions.


Will I get a refund if I'm not happy?

I don’t offer refunds on my group programs and all programs are subject to my T&C’s

Any online purchase carries some level of risk so do your due diligence and make your decision consciously.

The great news is that as this is a month-by-month program you can cancel at any time and as I have added a very low trial period rate you can try The Mastermind at very low risk and I’d be surprised if you didn’t find great value in the month you’ve just purchased.