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And yet many coaches hit their year 1, 2, 3 or even 5 year milestones never having really made any real progress as far earning a decent living from their coaching practice.


While it’s important to determine the desires and dreams you have for your coaching business sometimes coaches can stay stuck for too long in the goal setting, planning and visioning phase.


It FEELS great to dream big, to practice manifestation and the law of attraction, create Vision boards and to think about what’s possible but there’s one critical element missing for most coaches….



Very few coaches employ an actual strategy for the growth of their coaching businesses…often they’re pulling together bits and pieces of information they’ve picked up here and there without an over-arching strategy and with very little success.


The difference between coaches who fail and those who succeed comes down to the strategy they employ for the growth of their businesses….these coaches take the success of their coaching businesses seriously…they’re not dabbling….they KNOW what’s truly possible for them and they get busy making that happen in a very smart and strategic way.



I’ve been coaching since 1991 and I’ve been coaching and mentoring coaches since the late 1990’s and while much has changed over the years (making it SOOO much easier to grow a global coaching business) many things have also remained the same.

Coaches who are committed to success and willing to learn and implement savvy growth strategies succeed…they did so before social media and they continue to do so WITH social media.

But now…we have a global market at our feet.

We can work from our laptops, coaching clients from anywhere in the world with clients from all over the world.

My coaching business provides ME with a life I didn’t know was possible…I’ve travelled the world, published a number of books, spoken on stage around the world and live a life of total freedom…working probably 1/4 of the hours the average person works…isn’t that what YOU want too?

This Membership will provide you with the STRATEGY…the “how to”  you’ve been lacking.




The BUSINESS of Coaching AND helping you to become a more CONFIDENT & IMPACTFUL coach who knows how to get results for their clients.


As a coaching business strategist and coach who’s been coaching almost 30 years (self-employed the entire time) I bring PRACTICAL strategies that work.


I use a combination of old school strategies that still work today (if only people would USE them) along with the latest strategies that are getting results right now….I’ve stayed in the game as long as I have because I’ve kept myself on top of the latest, cutting edge strategies that are working right now and I’ve never stopped learning….and neither should you.



I know that with so much information out there and so many things to DO to create success it can be overwhelming which is why I’ve created THE BUSINESS OF COACHING MEMBERSHIP for coaches.


I’ve done all of the testing and measuring and uncovered what works before I bring you the monthly growth strategy…I break it down to it’s simplest, most practical formula and show you how to implement  simply and without overwhelm.


Here’s How It Works….

When you gain access to the program the very first thing you’ll do is complete the FOUNDATIONS Masterclass via your MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM DASHBOARD.


The Foundations Masterclass will ensure you have the very best coaching product you can produce on the market so that the strategies you’re implementing aren’t going to waste.


There’s no point implementing kickass strategy if your product is no good.


I’m the best in the business when it comes to packaging and pricing coaching services in a way that makes it exciting to your dream clients…in this FOUNDATIONS masterclass I will step you through my methodology.


Once you’ve completed the FOUNDATION’S masterclass it’s time to get busy focusing on growth strategies.


At the beginning of every month I’ll provide you with the exact strategy we’ll be working that month in a very simple single masterclass and workbook.


In the same week I run a group coaching call to answer any questions you may have around the strategy and another coaching call midway through the month.




Here’s What’s Included….


There are two zoom LIVE Coaching Calls every month, these are held during the first and third weeks of the month with timezones to suit everyone.

These calls are your opportunity to get some live coaching, ask questions or simply listen in and learn.

If you can’t make any of the calls you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of the calls so I can answer your questions on the call for you to listen to when you’re ready to.


All of the action will take place inside the group and this is where you’ll be able to hang out with fellow coaches on the same success path as you.

I’ll often drop in on the fly with bonus Livestream Content to keep you moving along and inspired.

If you are part of my Secret Coaches Business FB Group you’ll know I’ve created an amazing free community where I share a lot of information…think that group is good? This group is a whole other level of awesome.


I’ll be popping into the group regularly to answer questions, give support and offer feedback.

While I won’t be coaching you privately, this is the next best thing 🙂

Often getting unstuck is as simple as reaching out so I can help you get back on track…you can do that here.

Plus, These Member’s Only Bonuses & Perks..


Every month I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my business and sharing what’s going on, warts and all.

I’ll be sharing what’s working in my business and what isn’t.

I’ll be sharing the projects I’m currently working on how they’re progressing.

I’ll also be lettting you how I’m balancing my work and training and sharing any tips I think can help you do the same.


My private strategy sessions are usually $1497 USD, you will have the opportunity to purchase single sessions for the discounted price of $497.00 USD

Sometimes we just need some one-on-one time to help us get clarity on our next big step, these sessions are designed to help you do just that.

Once inside the membership dashboard you’ll be able to access this offer immediately.


Whenever I launch my Retreats, Events or Mastermind Programs with limited numbers you’ll be the first to know and have the opportunity to snag a spot before I open them to the public.

You’ll also recieve significant discounts or bonuses on these programs that are not available anywhere else.

I love to reward my paid community in this way 🙂

Plus…the thing that money can’t buy…..




This is a series of 5 specially developed Masterclasses you can only get access to by purchasing this membership or one of my other high-ticket coaching programs.


The VIP Series will be added to every few months and you’ll have lifetime access to the current Masterclasses along with any NEW ones I create.

What you should know about your membership..

There is no minimum monthly requirement so if you try it for a month and it’s not for you, you can simply cancel your membership via the CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP button inside on the MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD.

To get started all you need to do is hit the button below and keep an eye on your inbox..M xo


I'm just getting this membership suitable for newbie coaches?

YES! In fact the earlier I can get my hands on your the better!

Why struggle any longer than you need to when you can sign up and get the information you need to create success now?

I see other programs like this for under $100 p/m, why does this program cost more?

I am SOOO glad you asked! This program is more expensive for a couple of reasons…

Cheap groups attract a lower level of committment from their members and often attracts coaching business hobby-ists, charging a premium price ensures the quality of the group and the committment to creating success VIA the program.

This program is an IMPLEMENTATION program rather than simply providing information..the ENTIRE the focus is on getting shit done…this requires more energy and effort on my part than providing content does.

Am I going to have to spend a lot of time pouring through content modules?

No you’re not..the reason for that is because I know you’re probably a little over online content right now.

I’m guessing you’ve probably already done quite a bit of learning…learning isn’t your issue…implementing is and implementation is where the results are.

How do I cancel my membership if it's not for me or I have a tough month?

Inside the member dasbhoard is a big ole button that says “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP” and you can click that bad boy anytime you need to.

That said…the aim of this program is for you to make tough months a thing of the past.

What if I can't make the live it still worth joining?

Yep, it is..because there are many ways for you to get the support and guidence you need.

You can post your questions ahead of time so I can answer it for you on the call and you can watch it back later.

I’ll be in the group livestreaming often so there’s a good chance you’ll catch me live and you can use these as an opportunity to get live support.

You can also tag me anytime to draw attention to your questions.